With mobile devices becoming the primary video viewing platforms, we have been working hard to bring to you the capability to cut square and vertical videos in Studio and share them out quickly in mobile optimised formats. With our square and vertical editing tool, you are now able to cut clips in 1:1 and 9:16 aspect ratios without having to use complicated video editing programs.

Select the aspect ratio you want use in the menu bar just above your video stream then set the in and out points of your clip. If you need help on how to do this, please refer to this article. Here you can select between the traditional 16:9 horizontal format, 1:1 square or 9:16 vertical or horizontal 2:1.

Once you select your desired aspect ratio, another option appears where you can choose to either Crop or Pad you video.  The Pad option will add black bars to your original video creating a square or vertical format. Selecting the Crop option will crop your video as square or vertical meaning that some content will be cut off. When you select this option you may find that the main action may not always remain in the centre of your selection. If you would like to track this action and move your frame as the video plays out, you can do this by using our mouse tracking feature.  

Mouse tracking allows you to quickly edit a traditional 16:9 video into a square or vertical format. By panning over the video and simultaneously hitting 'x' on your keyboard, you can record the content within the guideline bars. As you move your mouse from side to side, the movement is also recorded, allowing you to follow specific actions in the clip. If you release the 'x' key, the video will pause and stop the recording process. At this point you can go back and re-edit the clip you have made, or continue.

Here are the key steps broken down: 

  • Select your aspect ratio
  • Enter cropping mode - you can toggle this on/off by pressing 'c' on your keyboard
  • Position your starting frame where you want your clip to begin
  • Press and hold 'x' to begin recording
  • Move your mouse to follow the action within the guideline bars, continuing to press down 'x'
  • If you need to go back and edit, just release 'x' and find the point in time to re-edit from
  • Continue this process until you have reached the end of the clip
  • You can now exit mouse tracking mode if you want to add overlays

Overlays for square and vertical clips are a great way to add text and pre-made templates directly from your computer onto your clips.

To add and image overlay, simply follow these steps:
  • Make sure you have toggled the artwork mode on
  • Select 'Add artwork'
  • Move your image to the right position 
  • Tip: to cover a square video please use PNG image in size 1080x1080px and 1920x1080px for vertical to cover the entire clip
  • You can customise size and rotation by moving the adjustment handles if needed
  • Set your level of transparency
  • Select 'Save'

Adding text overlay to your video:

  • Select 'Add text'
  • Type in your text
  • Customise size and rotation by moving the adjustment handles 
  • Position your text by clicking and dragging it to the correct place on the clip
  • Select font colour
  • Select font
  • Select background colour of the text box
  • Note: If you click on the background graphic, your text will automatically be pushed to the layer behind - please avoid this if you would like the text to remain on the top layer
  • Adjust transparency
  • Hit 'Save'

Once you have saved your overlays, you will not be able to see the overlays on the main timeline. If you would like to see it again before saving or sharing your clip, simply select the preview mode indicated by the 'eye' symbol.

When you are happy with this, share your clip as usual.