You can check the quality of a stream source by opening up the source stream monitor on your home page. This can be accessed by selecting the link icon on your stream. 

If your source is healthy, you should be able to see a stream running in the preview window without buffering. An exception to this includes bespoke IP blocking, meaning that if there are any IP restrictions on your source, the preview may not be available on Grabyo. 

For IP whitelisting, please get in touch with

  • Stream does not load/play - If you are unable to see a stream that means that either you have an incorrect URL or there is no stream being pushed to the URL you have. If this is the case please contact your stream source provider and advise them that you cannot see the stream on the URL. 
  • Stream plays without any errors - If the stream is playing without any errors on the source monitor but you are seeing errors in Grabyo Studio please contact and advise them of the errors you are seeing in Grabyo.
  • Stream plays with buffering - If you are able to see the stream but you can see buffering on the source monitor that means that either your bandwidth is low or your stream provider is having issues. If this is the case please either run an internet speed test to check your internet connectivity or contact your stream provider and advise them of the issues on your stream.  
  • Stream plays with errors - If you are able to see the stream on the source monitor but you can also see errors such as artefacts or lip sync issues, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. You may also want to contact your stream source provider in case the issue stems from source.

How to check if your source stream is live

Another way to check your source stream is through a third party app such as VLC.

VLC is a multimedia player that has the ability to play network streams, you can use this program to play your stream directly from the source URL allowing you to debug any issues that you may be experiencing with your source stream. 

Download VLC here and follow the on-screen instructions. 


Open VLC on your machine. 

Go to File>Open Network and then paste in your stream source URL and press enter. 

VLC will now begin to load your stream for a few seconds and then a window will appear showing your stream if it is live. 

If the stream is not live you will see the below window pop-up. 

In this instance please contact your stream provider to check the status of the stream.