Recording and stitching multiple clips

Through the use of your mobile device's camera you can record multiple clips and stitch them into a single video. You are also able to import videos from your device's camera roll, allowing you to combine a recorded and an uploaded video together.



Clockwise: Vertical record mode, square record mode and horizontal record mode

Functionality in recording mode

  • Horizontal, square and vertical recording
  • Upload from camera roll using the '+' icon
  • No limit to the length of what you can record
  • Swap between front and back camera seamlessly using the 'swap' icon
  • Timer to show the length of what your recording 

The Grabyo mobile app does not restrict the maximum length of your videos, rather this will be limited by the amount of free space on your device, and the social platform you are intending to share to.

Editing clips in the timeline

 Once you have recorded and/or uploaded multiple clips you can use the following tools to enhance your video.

  • Preview all of the clips you have by either pressing the 'play' icon or just drag the marker to quickly scrub through the video
  • Re-arrange the order of the videos that you have imported and recorded by dragging and dropping them into place
  • Delete a clip from your video timeline by simply dragging and dropping it into the red area with the 'bin' icon 
  • Trim any clips from your video timeline by selecting them, this will open a trimmer view where you can drag and move the paddles to trim down the clip
  • Select which Studio campaign to save your clips to
  • Add pre-set bumpers and CTAs to your clips before sharing out

Exporting to your device 

If you want to store your video directly to your device you can simply press the downward arrow icon to save the clip to your device. This will allow you to have a copy of the video where you can watch it again or even upload the clip into Instagram.