Mobile Studio

With Mobile Studio we put collaboration at the heart of your team’s activity by integrating Grabyo Studio with our mobile apps, allowing you to compile the best content in real-time, curate and moderate the best bits and share to your audience across multiple social accounts. Grabyo Mobile Studio allows multiple people to shoot, edit and share content from anywhere to a central account where digital production and social media teams control social distribution and messaging. Empower your team members to work together seamlessly to capture engaging, exclusive content on mobile to be shared with your social fans wherever they are.

The flexibility and control provided by Grabyo Mobile Studio supports a wide variety of customer needs. Consider, journalists out-in-the-field capturing video on their phones from anywhere in the world when a story is breaking, sharing content back to the central editorial team to collate all of this behind-the-scenes content into a single campaign telling the story from multiple, unique perspectives across social media, websites and mobile apps.