VIP allows you to shoot, edit and share videos across your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts in a fast and creative way. 

Recording and stitching multiple clips

Through the use of VIP you can record multiple clips while swapping between cameras simultaneously to create a single video. You can record clips in horizontal, square and vertical formats; perfect for sharing to Instagram and other social platforms. You can also zoom up to 5x while recording and import videos from your device's camera roll, allowing you to combine recorded content with uploaded content.

  • Horizontal, square & vertical recording
  • Upload from camera roll using the arrow icon
  • No limit to the length of what you can record
  • Swap between front and back camera seamlessly using the 'swap' icon
  • Timer to show the length of what your recording¬†

The ability to record content in square and vertical formats is currently only available on IOS. Please note that the minimum length a clip can be is 1 second, while there is not a limit to the length of what you can record although you are limited to by the amount of space there is available on your device.