Now that you have created a Grabyo VIP account you can start to follow other VIP accounts. This will populate your feed with premium content that you can watch and re-share to your social profiles. We have found that star talent can generate up to twenty times the engagement per fan compared to content shared by traditional broadcasters and rights holders. Grabyo VIP gives you an easy way of doing just that, so if you amass a great VIP following you can enhance your distribution when your content is re-shared.

Following accounts

To follow an account you can navigate across to the 'explore' tab, this is the tab with the magnifying glass icon. You will see a list of all of the verified Grabyo VIP accounts that are currently in use. (If you are a test user you will see a list of test accounts too). You can scroll through the explore page and press the '+follow' button to become a follower of an account. Once you have followed someone you will then appear on their followers list and they will appear on your following list (test users do not appear in verified follower/following lists)

To unfollow an account you can press the 'following' button in the 'Explore' tab or in a follower/following list to de-select them. You can also unfollow an account from the discovery page; press the options (three dots) button in the top right hand corner of a clip to see an options menu where you can either unfollow an account or report abuse on a clip.