It is very straightforward to connect your Twitter account to Grabyo Studio. Firstly, we would recommend signing into your Twitter account on Twitter before following the instructions. You will be able to clip and share directly to your Twitter account from Studio.

How to set up a Twitter account in Studio

  • Select ‘add new social account‘ from the clipping page or from your account settings
  • Select the ‘add Twitter Account’ button
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and select the Twitter account that you want to add to Studio
  • Select 'authorise' for Grabyo to use your account (we do not have access to your account but need to post from Studio to your account)
  • You can now repeat the process to add multiple accounts

Please be aware of putting 'D' or 'M' followed by a space or full stop at the beginning of your tweet, when added to the start of a message it can change the behaviour of your tweet and cause a Grabyo clip fail to share. The reason this happens is explained here

If you experience any problems setting up your social accounts please get in touch with the Ops team on