Grabyo Analytics provides a single place to view analytics and performance metrics across multiple social platforms, helping you to make the most of your content and drive strategic marketing decisions. Key features include:

  • Time-series Facebook data, allowing you to see the performance of a Facebook video by day, week, month etc.
  • Data visualisation, easy to use with graphs and filters
  • Speed, rapid query performance and quick data response and processing

Quick overview of performance for all videos

The main dashboard gives you the key numbers to answer the question – how are my videos performing? You can see the number of views and impressions, the conversion rate, and which platform generated your video traffic. We have included a "top clips" sidebar where you can filter your video content by "most recent" or "most popular" for a given time period. All metrics can be filtered by campaign or user, and by time range.

A deeper dive into single clip performance

Click on a video thumbnail in the sidebar for a more detailed understanding of the performance of individual clips including: how many of your audience are engaging with your videos, the split of your impressions and views by distribution type, the split of your Facebook views by distribution, view type and viewer type, and additional social engagement data (likes, comments and shares).