It is extremely straightforward to share/export a video to the Brightcove Video Cloud, Grabyo's integration allows for quick and easy publishing of videos to your Brightcove account and through to your website. Simply follow the instructions below to set it up. 

How to set up a Brightcove account in Studio

  • From Studio select 'add new social account'
  • If you cannot see the option to add a Brightcove account to Studio please contact
  • Select 'Brightcove'
  • When prompted enter your Brightcove account ID, client ID and client secret token.
  • Please note your credentials can found in API management within your Brightcove account settings. The tokens can end with one or more full stops (periods) so make sure you copy these over as they are part of the token.

To obtain your account ID please login to your account and copy the account ID as per the screenshot below:

To obtain your client ID and client secret, you will need to have the 'API Authentication' feature enabled in your Brightcove account and follow the below steps:

  • From Admin, select API Authentication

  • Select Register New Application and input details of the account(s) for authorisation and the exposed Brightcove APIs as per the screenshot below:

There is a handy video here that will guide you through the process of obtaining your account, client ID and client secret token here:

When creating the client ID and client secret please ensure you tick the correct checkboxes so that Grabyo has access to the API endpoints that we require. 


Geo-targeting will only work if your Brightcove account has this feature enabled. The video upload will still work, but the geo-data will be ignored on the Brightcove platform. Please contact Brightcove to enable this feature.

How to share a clip to Brightcove

  • Go to and sign into your account with the login details provided by your account manager
  • Go to the 'grab live' button of the stream that you want to grab from or select a video from a campaign
  • Grab a clip 
  • Add a creative set (optional), select campaign, add a social message, title and description if sharing out to multiple social pages including BrightCove
  • Press Save and Share
  • The window below will appear
  • You can rename the title and description, add tags, change the status and select an ingest profile before sharing to Brightcove 
  • Share to Brightcove