Advanced Creative sets

Advanced creative sets are an extension of creative sets and are accessible through the campaign library. The advanced function gives you additional targeting options for each video publishing destination, meaning that you can now choose to have different pre and/or post roll video bumpers in variable aspect ratio's and CTAs per social platform on the same clip. This allows you to tailor your content and messaging and generate further engagement on a platform specific basis including the use of ad tags on Twitter and in the Grabyo Gallery.

How to add an advanced creative set:

  • From the campaign library, select the creative set manager
  • Click 'add creative set'
  • Enter title (mandatory) 
  • Add description (optional)
  • Select your CTAs for Twitter
  • Add links

  • Switch to the advanced tab
  • Select the social platform for which you want to build a creative set
  • Select the check box to add specific post roll video bumpers

  • Upload a pre-bumper
  • Upload a post-bumper 
  • Or import files from a URL

  • Switch on the monetization toggle if you want to insert ad tags. An ad tag is a URL to a video VAST tag, click here for an example of an ad tag in Grabyo. 
  • Set the CTA for your ad, which can be different from the bumper CTA  
  • Paste in CTA link 

  • Select the social media tabs at the top to set a different bumper for each platform
  • Under the Facebook Native Tab you have the ability to incorporate Facebook Branded Content tagging and overlays into your creative sets. See this article for a detailed explanation. 
  • Save the creative set with the "Add creative set" button


Note: Please ensure that your video clip has an audio track even if there is no sound. Grabyo supports most video/audio formats, however videos without an audio track can cause lip sync issues and therefore are not supported by our platform.