We understand that getting things perfect the first time around can be difficult, especially when dealing with live content. This is why we have developed some VOD editing tools to allow you to go back to any video clip in your campaign library and edit them. These can be clips that have been grabbed from your live feed, uploaded from your computer, or imported from a source URL. 

The VOD editor can be especially useful if you want to quickly cut shorter clips from a piece of long-form content, making it super simple to add branding to each clip before sharing out to social media. The edited clips will always be saved as new clips in your campaign library, meaning that you can always go back to your original video and cut new ones.  

  • Select a video from your campaign library, and hit 'edit' in the clip overview sidebar

  • This will take you to the trim page, where you will edit your clip.

  • You can set the in and out point for your clip
  • Set your thumbnail
  • Add a title, description and hit save. Alternatively, if you are sharing out to social networks, add a social message, select your share destinations and hit save & share