Creative sets

You have the flexibility to upload your own custom bumpers and overlays in all Studio accounts as well as the ability to select your own CTAs (for Twitter only). This feature is completely self-serve, giving you the ability to manage the whole process in Grabyo Studio on your own terms. You can set your custom bumpers, overlays and CTAs, or alternatively you can set only CTAs, only bumpers or only overlays it's all in your hands.

Further customisation options are available in the advanced tab - this is where you can add branded content too. The advanced options give you additional targeting options for each video publishing destination, meaning that you can choose to have different pre and/or post roll video bumpers, overlays and CTAs per social platform on the same clip. This allows you to tailor your content and messaging and generate further engagement on a platform-specific basis including the use of ad tags on Twitter, brand handshake on Facebook and in the Grabyo gallery.

Here's how to add a creative set:

  • From the campaign library, select the creative set manager in the top menu bar
  • Preview any existing creative sets you might have saved here

  • Click 'add creative set' and you will see the above window
  • Enter title (mandatory)
  • Enter description (optional)
  • Upload a pre and/or post bumper or import it from a URL
  • Select the aspect ratio you want your bumper saved as
    *Please note that if you upload a 16:9 bumper but select the 1:1 or 9:16 aspect ratio, your clip will be automatically padded to appear as the new aspect ratio
    *We recommend that you title your creative set to indicate the aspect ratio to prevent any confusion among users

  • Upload an overlay (This must be a PNG image and the aspect ratio must match what you have selected for the bumper)

  • Select overlay setting to 'Always on' or 'Periodic' in which case you can specify the overlay display duration time as well

  • Select the Call To Action for Twitter (CTA) *Facebook has removed this functionality  
  • Paste in CTA link  
  • Save creative set
  • Go to 'grab live' and select the creative set from the drop down menu before sharing to your social networks
  • Alternatively, you can save a clip to the campaign library and add a creative set from there before sharing to social media

Note: Please ensure that your video clip has an audio track even if there is no sound. Grabyo supports most video/audio formats, however videos without an audio track can cause lip sync issues and therefore are not supported by our platform.