A thumbnail is the still image that appears on your video before your clip starts playing. It is a great way to grab the viewer's attention. You can set a thumbnail for your video directly from the trim page while grabbing a clip, or you can customise the thumbnail of a video in the campaign library. A clip that has already been shared will have a locked thumbnail, which means that you would have to grab a new clip or upload it again to edit the thumbnail.

From the trim page

  • Grab the clip that you want to save or share
  • You can see the thumbnail in the sidebar
  • Move the lollipop anywhere in the timeline to find the frame to set as your thumbnail
  • Hit 'set' or press 't' on your keyboard and you will see your new thumbnail in the thumbnail preview window
  • Alternatively you can upload a custom image by selecting 'upload'

From the campaign library


  • Go to your campaign library
  • Select the clip for which you want to amend the thumbnail - please note that this will not work if the clip has already been shared
  • Click 'edit' in the clip overview side panel

  • You will now see a pop-up player which you can scrub through and find the frame to set as thumbnail
  • You can pause the footage to make it easier to select the right frame
  • Once you have found the perfect frame select 'set above frame as thumbnail' 

  • Alternatively you can switch tabs and upload a custom image instead