Embedding a video

To embed a video, simply copy and paste the code provided by Grabyo Studio's embed builder for each clip in the campaign library section. 

Example of an embed code:

<div class="grabyo-widget" data-path="embed.jsp?shareId={shareId}&render=playerBranding:false" data-aspect-ratio="16:9" data-medium="embed" data-tag="videoembed"></div>

<script src="//grabyo.com/js/widgets.js" type="text/javascript" async></script>

When configuring you embed build you have the option to add the display options below. 


  1. Grabyo logo - This will add the Grabyo logo underneath your embedded clips.
  2. Share buttons - This will add Facebook and Twitter share buttons underneath your embedded clips. This is a great way to allow people to re-share your clips to their own social accounts quickly. 
  3. Player branding - This will add the 'player banner' to the bottom of your embedded clips. Please read this article on how you can create a player banner. 
  4. View count - This will add the video view count underneath your embedded clips.

Embedding a campaign library

To embed a Campaign Gallery, simply copy and paste the code below and replace the {aliasID} variable with your Campaign's Alias ID (please contact your Grabyo representative if you don't have an Alias ID)

<div class="grabyo-widget" data-path="g/{aliasId}data-aspect-ratio="1:2" data-tag="galleryembed"></div>

<script src="//grabyo.com/js/widgets.js" type="text/javascript" async></script>

Advanced options

To fine tune the display of the embeds, please refer to the advanced options below:

Width and Height:

Control the width and height of the embeds by specifying:

  1. Fixed width (px or %) & height (px or %)

    i.e. data-width="100%" data-height="800px"

  2. Responsive (auto adjusts for aspect ratio)

    i.e. data-aspect-ratio="16:9"