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Broadcast live using Grabyo Mobile
Broadcast live using Grabyo Mobile
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Using Grabyo Mobile you can broadcast a stream in horizontal, vertical and square aspect ratios to Grabyo Studio where you can then publish your stream to Facebook, Periscope, YouTube and any RTMP destination.

Live broadcasting from Grabyo Mobile

  1. Select BROADCAST on IOS or + on Android devices

  2. Select an INGEST POINT

  3. Select a BITRATE

  4. Press the RECORD button to start streaming

📕 Note: You will need to create an ingest point before you begin streaming. To do this you must log in to Grabyo on a desktop. Locate your source manager, select MANAGE INGEST, CREATE NEW INGEST and select GRABYO MOBILE APP as the ingesting type.

💡 Tip: Once you have created and saved the mobile ingest it will then appear in your Grabyo Mobile app, simply select this as a stream destination and you can begin publishing your mobile stream. You can populate this ingest in a Producer instance or even set it as the source of a DVR stream.

Streaming bitrate

  1. Ensure you are connected to a WiFi network or have a stable mobile data connection

  2. Select a BITRATE (3.2Mbps, 2.8Mbps or 1.7Mbps)

  3. Press OK

📕 Note: Auto-select will select the appropriate bitrate based on a speed test at the time of streaming but this will not auto-adjust if network conditions change.

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