If you have provided us with your stream in the required format, there is one more step needed before you can begin broadcasting your stream from Grabyo Studio to Periscope. You need to ensure that your Periscope account has been whitelisted for Periscope Producer, if you are unsure whether your account is whitelisted please could you fill out the form on this link


Once your account has been whitelisted you will now be able to access Periscope producer from an iPhone only, from inside the app you must go to your 'Settings' then 'Advanced Sources' then you must press the  '+ Create New Source' button. This will create a new RTMP destination which you can connect to your Grabyo stream. 

Now that you have generated your 'Source Connection Info' you can go back into the Grabyo platform to begin broadcasting a Grabyo stream to Periscope producer. You must select to 'Stream to Periscope' (If this is greyed out in your account please contact ops@grabyo.com). You will then need to manually enter the Source Connection Information that you generated on the Periscope producer app, once you enter this select 'Start Broadcasting' to push your stream to your periscope account. 

On your phone you should now be able to select the 'Preview Broadcast' button, this will take you to a screen where you enter a social message and then go live with your stream to Periscope and your connected Twitter account.