Anyone with Grabyo Mobile for iOS will now be able to live stream directly from the Grabyo app to Grabyo Studio, allowing users to broadcast this stream to Facebook or YouTube, edit into short-form clips to share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.


Once you have downloaded the latest Grabyo Mobile iOS app, open it up and you will see a new  broadcast button along the navigation. Click this, and hit record to start your live stream. Our usual Grabyo Mobile iOS features such as zooming in/out (5x) and flipping the camera from front to back are also available in Live mode. 

During your live stream you can add sponsorship overlays to content with a single swipe which can remain on the screen for the duration of your broadcast, or fade in for five seconds every minute.

With your live stream underway, head into Grabyo Studio from where you can preview your stream (and access the stream URL), broadcast live to Facebook or YouTube, or edit into short-form clips via the trim page in Grabyo Studio.

This update is perfect for live events where fans demand behind-the- scenes content in real-time. All you need is the Grabyo app and a good WiFi or 3G connection (live streaming via Grabyo mobile has an adaptive bit rate, meaning that quality of the stream is as good as your bandwidth).

If you are interested in this feature, please get in touch with us at