Images and text overlays are a simple way to add information, branding or a contemporary edge to your clip. Once you have grabbed a clip from your live stream or entered VOD edit mode from the campaign library, you can toggle the artwork overlay by selecting the indicated icon below, or using the keyboard shortcut 'A'.

Adding text overlay

Here are the basic steps to adding text overlay to your video:

  • Make sure you have toggled the artwork mode on
  • Select 'Add text'
  • Type in your text
  • Customise size and rotation by moving the adjustment handles 
  • Position your text by clicking and dragging it to the correct place on the clip
  • Select font colour
  • Select font
  • Select background colour of the text box
  • Adjust transparency
  • Hit 'Save'

Adding image overlay

To add and image overlay, simply follow these steps:

  • Select 'Add artwork'
  • Move your image to the right position
  • Customise size and rotation by moving the adjustment handles 
  • Set your level of transparency
  • Select 'Save'

Overlays for square and vertical clips are a great way to add text and pre-made templates directly from your computer onto your clips as in the example above.

Here are a few tips:

  • To cover a Square video please use PNG image in size 1080x1080 px 
  • To cover a Vertical clip please use  PNG image in size 1920x1080 px 
  • Note: If you click on the background graphic, your text will automatically be pushed to the layer behind - please avoid this if you would like the text to remain on the top layer

Once you hit 'save', the artwork overlay toggle will default off and disappear. You will not see the artwork you have created on the live trim page unless you toggle it back on, but it will be visible once shared out to your social networks or saved to the campaign library. At this point, please make sure to share or save the clip you have created. If you would like to edit the artwork, simple toggle it back on and adjust as needed.