With our new users tab, we have made the process of adding a new user super simple for our clients. The first step is to designate at least one admin role within your organisation, bearing in mind that there is no limit to the number of admins that can be set up. Just send over the email logins of the users you would like us to assign the admin title to and we will set that up for you. 

Now that the power is in your hands, simply log into Studio, click on the users tab on the left, select '+' icon and add the new user email and optional profile image. Once you hit 'add user', an activation email will be sent to the address provided and your new user can follow a simple and secure process of setting up a password to gain access to the platform. The user status will be reflected as pending in the user table until the setup process has been complete.

Suspending vs. Deleting

The ability to add comes hand in hand with the ability to delete and suspend users. The difference between the two is that a deleted user is permanently removed from an organisation. Even if the same email is added back, a new user will essentially be created meaning that user's stats will not reflect the old user account. A suspension on the other hand can be lifted by an admin at any time. This might be useful if a password has been compromised or lost and the account needed to be locked for a time.


The users tab is also very useful in getting a good overview on the users within the organisation. Here you will be able to see the name, email, when they last logged in and their user status (Active, suspended, pending). 

note: you will not see deleted users