On the latest update to the Grabyo platform we simplified the workflow to allow the sharing of your videos into Instagram much easier.

  1. Create a Grabyo clip and share it socially or save it to your campaign library. 
  2. Log into Mobile Studio on your mobile device or download it  here for iOS or Android and start using it today. 
  3. Use the campaign selector to open the campaign that you saved your clip in.
  4. Locate the clip that you want to share to Instagram and select the 'options' button located in the top right hand corner of the video player.
  5. Select 'Export to Instagram' from the options menu. Your clip will now download to your device and it will then open in your Instagram account ready to be edited and shared. 

To share to Instagram from Mobile Studio you can share your clip to the Grabyo gallery and then you can then continue from point 3. 

Please note that exporting a clip to Instagram is a premium feature and is currently only available through the use of the Mobile Studio app. Please get in contact with the operations team at ops@grabyo.com if you would like access to this feature.