Media assets

With the creative set builder in Grabyo Studio, you have the flexibility to add media assets and calls to action (CTAs) around your videos. Media assets have a major impact on increasing brand recognition and help drive viewer engagement. 


Bumpers are short, non-clickable videos, that are automatically stitched onto the beginning and end of your clips. We recommend a 3 second bumper for pre-roll and a 5 second bumper for the post-roll. If you have different requirements please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

If you do not have a video bumper you can send us a static image that we convert to a video with a fade in/fade out. If you would like us to do this for you, please send us a 1280 x 720 image in either PNG or JPG file format.

The recommended format for the bumpers are as follows:

  • H.264 High/Main
  • 1280x720 (Aspect ratio 16:9) 
  • 25 Frames per second
  • 3.2 Mbps bit rate
  • Stereo audio channel
  • AAC LC Audio coding
  • 48000 kHz Audio bit rate
  • 128 kbps Audio bit rate

Note: Your video file must have an audio track even if there is no sound. Bumpers that do not contain an audio track can cause lip sync issues when sharing clips, and thus are not supported by our platform.


    Grabyo has the ability to ad-serve a clickable pre-roll and/or post-roll video ad. In order to configure ad serving options please provide the video ads that you would like to be served in the same format as the video bumpers. You can also provide multiple videos and have them rotate each time a clip is played.

    For further information about this feature and to enable the 'advanced creative set' option on your account please contact or your account manager. Advanced creative sets give you the option of inserting your ad tags when building your creative sets. 

    Note: Ads are only supported on Twitter and in the Grabyo gallery. Facebook and Youtube do not support ads, but you can still upload your own custom bumper to share out with your clip. 


    Customising your Iframe

    This is the banner which appears above your public gallery. The gallery can be embedded into your website or 3rd party sites as a video gallery and also acts as a content viewing destination for users viewing content on 3rd party platforms like TweetDeck. 

    Gallery banner specifications:

    • High quality PNG or JPEG of brand logo / sponsor logo / title
    • Specification of where the logos should appear on the banner i.e. left / center / right
    • Click through URL to link banner to a destination website
    • Fixed height (100px) horizontally repeatable background banner - this prevents distortion when viewing on a mobile device

    Here are some examples of gallery banners in use:

    Tennis TV:

    Arsenal FC: